Celltrion Healthcare Operating Profit Last Year 14.8% ↑…Sales of 1.97 trillion won, the highest ever

Celltrion Healthcare

Celltrion Healthcare (091990) announced on the 3rd that its consolidated operating profit in 2022 was 228.9 billion won, up 14.8% from the previous year.

During the same period, sales reached KRW 1.9722 trillion on a consolidated basis, nearly KRW 2 trillion, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year, the largest ever. Net profit fell 3.5 percent to 147.2 billion won.

The increase in performance is attributed to improved sales of “Remsima SC” (component infliximab, subcutaneous injection type) and “Uplima” (component adalimab) in the European market and increased sales of products in growth markets such as South America and Asia.

In particular, profitable Remsima SC sales increased in the European market, and Euplima’s full-scale European sales and expansion of product sales in the growth market were affected. In particular, the company explains that sales increased 19.4% year-on-year, excluding the performance of the COVID-19 antibody treatment “REKIRONA,” which was temporarily sold earlier.

In Latin America, sales more than doubled in 2022 compared to the previous year. In Brazil, the largest pharmaceutical market, three products, Remsima, Truxima (component Lituximab), and Herzuma (component Trastuzumab), were supplied exclusively by winning bids from the federal government, and other Latin American countries, including Colombia and Chile, continued to maintain high market share.

In Japan, which is highly influential in the global biopharmaceutical market, Remsima achieved a 26% market share in the fourth quarter of last year. Herzuma recorded 59% and is strengthening its competitiveness by expanding its anti-cancer drug portfolio with the recent launch of “Begzelma” (component Bevacizumab).

Remsima SC, one of Celltrion Healthcare’s flagship items, recorded 236.9 billion won in 2022 with sales rising more than 160% year-on-year, becoming a major product leading Celltrion Healthcare’s performance improvement. The company explained that both Remsima and Remsima SC have a virtuous cycle effect of expanding prescriptions due to the synergy of the formulation in which patients who switched from another Infliximab product to Remsima SC are maintained with Remsima SC.

Especially in 2023, the world’s largest bioIt is planning to expand its global direct sales (direct sales) in the U.S., a pharmaceutical market. Currently, Begzelma and Euplima are scheduled to be released in the first and second half of this year, respectively.

Celltrion Healthcare previously strengthened its corporate organization by recruiting Thomas Nussbickel, chief business officer (CCO) of the U.S. corporation, who will oversee direct sales in the U.S., and expanding head-level and working-level personnel with extensive biosimilar commercial experience at global companies.

Celltrion Healthcare Operating Profit Last Year 14.8% ↑…Sales of

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