Chicago Bulls demand expiration contracts and nomination rights in exchange for Macanen.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls still have room for power maintenance and reinforcement.

According to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports, Chicago has yet to process Laurie Macanen (forward-center, 213cm, 109kg).

Chicago seems to want to secure a first-round ticket with the expiration contractor in exchange for Macanen. It is understood that three or four other teams inquired about the Macanen trade, but the deal was not completed. Realistically, Chicago’s terms mean that it will not actively engage in transactions, but they are no different.

Reduced location of macanen
As Makanen has become a limited free agent, he is free to sign with other teams. However, it appears that there was no offer of a contract or that the terms were not satisfactory. After all, if the contract doesn’t work, we can aim for signatures and trade, but even this doesn’t seem possible.

He was a rising star representing Chicago. But over the years, the value has declined. Last season, he also fell behind in the main competition. As expected, the frequency of absence was not low due to injury. In 51 games, he played 25.8 minutes per game, scoring 13.6 (480.402.826) and 5.3 rebounds.

Since posting an average of 18.7 points in the 2018-2019 season in its second year, the average score has been falling. In addition, both time and average score have decreased since entering the NBA. Macanen’s position has declined, as Chicago has gained strength with Nicola Buchevic last season.

He was in the transfer market. However, no significant news of the contract has been reported. It should be said that there was not much interest in macanen. Since playing 68 games in his first season, he has never played more than 60 games. In total, he has played 153 games in three seasons.

FA re-challenge, which is not possible.
If Makanen doesn’t win a new contract this time, it’s best to accept the qualifying offer offered by Chicago. After receiving an annual salary based on a rookie contract, he is the only one to become a non-limited free agent after the upcoming 2021-2022 season.

Chicago definitely strengthened its strength this offseason by bringing in Derma Drojan and Ronzo balls. If Jack Lavigne was at the center of the game last season, his strength is now strong. With Patrick Williams, the most promising player, the starting position is definitely full.

Chicago is building a powerful main force next season that will lead to Ball-Ravin-Drojan-Williams-Buchevich. In other words, Macanen is more likely to be on the bench if he has to play for Chicago for another season. It is difficult to take the leading role as before.안전놀이터

There is still an offseason left, so the contract can be signed at any time. However, even if a contract is made on a low terms because it is a limited FA, the transfer will not be made if Chicago agrees on the terms. Macanen’s troubles are deepening.

Chicago Bulls demand expiration contracts and nomination

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