Chinami Ito 伊東ちなみ An idol-class beauty

Chinami Ito

Date of birth: 1996-12-01 (26)
Height: 163 cm
Body Size: B86 / W57 / H86
Cup size: D cup
Debut: September 15

An idol-class beauty who represented Moody’s with Minami Hatsukawa.

An idol-class beautiful AV actress with a pure appearance and a well-proportioned body.

Since his debut with Moody’s in 2015, she has served as an exclusive actor for Moody’s and suddenly retired in 2018.

Chinami Ito used to be an actor with very little outside activity,

but she suddenly disappears without any sound or warning.

There is still a deep lingering feeling and regret for many people.

Some say that the face is slightly asymmetrical.

Chinami Ito 伊東ちなみ An idol-class beauty

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