Cho Byung-kyu’s side said, “Internet users who claim to be “academic violence” of foreign nationals, legal procedures when entering Korea.”

Cho Byung-kyu

Actor Cho Byung-kyu announced the legal progress regarding the alleged “school violence.” 안전놀이터

Cho Byung-kyu’s agency HB Entertainment said in a press release on the 27th, “There is no basis for Cho Byung-kyu.”

It has taken legal action against the writers of the posts that sparked the “violence” controversy.

“The suspect admitted that what he posted on the Internet during the police investigation was false and sent an official apology deeply reflecting on it.”

They explained, “In connection with the investigation of the above case, actor Cho Byung-kyu included his student record,

The statements and testimonies of teachers and many of their alumni who watched their school years closely to the investigation agency.

“We would like to inform you that the submission is also true.

The agency also added an additional explanation to the Internet user A, who was the most controversial foreign national.

In February, A said Cho Byung-kyu and New Zealand attended the same high school.

He said he used verbal violence and used obscene language. The two sides are at odds.

Regarding A, Cho Byung-kyu said, “We will investigate anonymous writers of foreign nationalities through a police investigation.”

“The identification of the suspect has been secured, and legal procedures will proceed when the suspect enters the country.”

“In the future, the agency will actively respond to unfounded postings and malicious comments related to actor Cho Byung-kyu,” he said.

Cho Byung-kyu announced the legal progress regarding

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