Choi Siwon from “Drunken Woman 2” has a unique vibe…a prediction of a cute explosion

Choi Siwon

A still featuring the cheerful charm of actor Choi Si-won in “Drunk City Women 2” has been released, drawing attention.

On the 6th, the original TVing “Drunk City Girls 2” (script by So-young Wi, director Park Soo-won, provision by Tving, production by Bon Factory) released a still cut of Choi Si-won. In the play, Choi Si-won plays the role of entertainment producer “Gang Buk-gu,” who lives his own life without caring about others’ eyes, leading viewers to favorable reviews with his impressive acting skills.

In the picture, Choi Si-won is standing with the microphone tightly held, and he is showing a cute expression with an abacus and a remote control in both hands, raising questions about what the unpredictable character “Gangbuk-gu” has done again.

In particular, in the last 7th and 8th episodes, Gangbuk-gu set fire to the affectionate front with Ahn So-hee (Lee Sun-bin), and confessed to the pain of a young man who intentionally gained weight because he didn’t want to resemble his mother’s face, raising expectations for the next development to the highest.

In the process, Choi Si-won added fun to the play by realistically portraying a “crazy tiki-taka” with drinkers as well as a hot romance with Ahn So-hee, and raised expectations for an acting variation until the end with an emotional performance that reveals even a small tremor.

Choi Siwon from “Drunken Woman 2” has a unique vibe…

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