Choi Ye-na..Reveals ‘Love War’ Concept Photo…Dreamy atmosphere + chic eyes.

Choi Ye-na

Singer Choi Ye-na concept photo has been released.

Choi Ye-na opened the first concept photo of her first single album “Love War” on her official SNS at midnight on the 5th.

Choi Ye-na leaned next to the fishbowl and gave off a sad look, while lying on the bed and posing naturally to complete the dreamy atmosphere.

In another photo, Choi Ye-na, who is holding an apple, sent a cold look at someone, raising questions about Shinbo’s “Love War.”

In particular, Choi Ye-na, who has been emitting positive energy with a lovely and cute image, caught the eye by showing a different charm this time.

Since her solo debut in January last year, Choi Ye-na has transformed into a “Smiley Hero” and a “Game Hero,” making viewers smile with her unique fresh and lively atmosphere.

Choi Ye-na, who confirmed her comeback in five months, is drawing keen attention from fans as she will return with a new atmosphere mixed with keywords such as “love” and “war.”

Meanwhile, Choi Ye-na`s first single album “Love War” will be released at 6 p.m. on the 16th.

Choi Yena was preparing to participate in the YouTube audition before her debut. Content Reference

Born in Gil-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, he spent his childhood in Gwangju Metropolitan City. Afterwards, he went to middle school in Seongnam and at the same time went to a dance academy in Seoul to lay the foundation.
He has been a trainee at Polaris Entertainment since 2015. He was a trainee with Hee-jin and Hyun-jin of LOONA and Ju-eun of DIA, and still continues to be friends.
Later, he moved to Yuehua Entertainment and spent two years and three months as a trainee. At that time, she was Yue Hua’s second female open trainee. The first reason was that she was the first sweet sister.
From July 10, 2017 (31st episode) to March 6, 2018 (86th episode), she was active as the second sweet sister in SBS children’s cooking information education program “Cooking Delicious Class”. You can meet Choi Ye-na`s when she was a sweet sister through the remaining videos on YouTube.According to the Instagram of child actor Shin Ah-in, who starred in the pork cutlet episode, udon episode, and Tsuyu episode, she dropped out of the program to participate in Produce 48. After the last recording, we had a farewell party, and the video of that time remains.

Choi Ye-na..Reveals ‘Love War’ Concept Photo…Dreamy..

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