Chungha, the return of Summer Queen…a dreamy sexiness


Singer Chung Ha will return with the “Sparkling” aura.

Chung Ha posted the first teaser video of the music video for the title song “Sparkling” of her second full-length album

“Bare & Rare Pt.1” on her official SNS at midnight on the 8th.

In the released video, Cheongha is looking into the temple of water located deep in the fish tank.

There, Chungha, with her dazzling visual, looks up with eyes that seem to be falling for her.

The video provided a strange sense of space as if you were in the water just by looking at it, and at the same time depicted a dreamy atmosphere.

The trendy synthesizer’s arpeggio melody also doubled its mysterious charm by completing a brilliant sound.

The directing and unique concept that captured Chung Ha’s visual more splendidly also added to the fun of the video.

The title song “Sparkling” is a song with Chungha’s solid vocals on top of the fast beat of BPM 160.

It plans to provide cool energy that will make you forget the heat of midsummer with a cool sound like sparkling carbonation.

Chung Ha, who also participated in writing and producing all tracks,

sincerely embodies her inner story that she has not been able to tell so far through various musical genres.

Chung Ha will release her second full-length album at 6 p.m. on the 11th,

and will present a live performance of her new song through Naver NOW’s comeback show “#OUT NOW Chung Ha” at 7 p.m. on the same day.

Chungha, the return of Summer Queen…a dreamy sexiness

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