Cocoon Declares Jeon Hyun-moo Abandonment, “We will make it a target for Gian 84 this year.”

Gian84 of “I Live Alone” launched a unity competition with Code Kunst and Lee Ju-seung for the purpose of recruiting Giraffe. Ki’s unpredictable curriculum caused laughter without a break.

Jeon Hyun-moo

Lee Jong-won, who has emerged as the most anticipated actor in 2023 after receiving attention as a “man chosen by IU,” spread happiness in his home room with a power positive aspect that fills the day with happiness with his favorite things.

MBC’s “I Live Alone” (directed by Heo Hang, Kang Ji-hee, and Park Soo-bin), which aired on the 20th, depicts Gian 84, Code Kunst, and Lee Ju-seung’s Giraffe recruitment rally and Lee Jong-won’s happy daily life.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings survey company on the 21st, the ratings of “I Live Alone” broadcasted the previous day were 8.6% (based on the metropolitan area), ranking first among entertainment programs on Friday. The 2049 ratings, a key indicator of channel competitiveness and a key indicator for advertisers, stood at 4.2 percent (based on the Seoul metropolitan area), the highest among all programs Friday. For the third consecutive week, it topped the overall program Friday with 2049 ratings of 49.

The best minute was “The scene where Gian 84 reads the opening speech of the Giraffe Unity Competition (23:48), which was written by Gian 84 himself,” recording 10.5%.

First of all, Jeon Hyun-moo chose Lee Jang-woo, the prince of Palm Oil, when he was asked to choose between Lee Jang-woo, who is a hot topic online, and Lee Jang-woo, who is in a love triangle, like a post choosing his ideal type. In response, Code Kunst, who claimed, “I made Musquia and helped Tminnam become popular,” said, “I should make it for Gian 84 this year,” drawing laughter.

It was followed by the Daeseong-ri Unity Competition to recruit Kian 84’s Code Kunst and Lee Ju-seung, who dreamed of becoming a Giraffe. In addition, the Palm Oil Line watched Giraffe’s first meeting and made it fun without a break. Lee Jang-woo said, “Today’s Palm Use waiting line competition.” Gian84 said, “Let’s not be discouraged for now,” and Jeon Hyun-moo, the leader of Palm Oil, provoked him by saying, “Are you a Giraffe because you are discouraged?” and made him laugh.

Gian84 boasted a new leadership that only asked for opinions and carried out according to his plan. He also drew attention by taking out side dishes, applying fish flesh, and showing “excessive kindness.” Gikunmong then went grocery shopping, and at this time, the different colors of the giraffe and palm oil lines were clearly revealed. When Giraffe bought 800g of pork belly, Jeon Hyun-moo wondered, “Are you on a diet expedition?”

Lee Jang-woo seriously said, “I have to buy Segeun because I have to put it in kimchi stew,” drawing laughter. When Giraffe pointed out that she bought only two bags of Palm Oil Line, she said, “Don’t look at Giraffe with Palm Oil Line. “We’re here because our bodies are pretty,” he said, giving a smile.

Prior to the full-fledged event, Gian 84 read his own opening statement, “If you prefer a long line to a palm oil line, please stay tonight.” He then prepared a car power show such as breaking walnuts and splitting apples with bare hands for “leader” Lee Ju-seung. In addition, Code Kunst took out his favorite banana and said, “Eat it!” to devastate the scene and dig up Code Kunst’s ears, which have big ears. Jeon Hyun-moo said, “What are you doing? Aren’t these monkeys?” and made everyone laugh.

When he finished digging his ears, Gian84 expressed his impatience, saying, “Today will be the first and last time,” making him curious about the result of recruiting Line. In particular, from the acquisition of ice water next week to the burning saba, a more bizarre schedule was predicted, raising expectations.

Lee Jong-won, who emerged as the “most anticipated new actor of 2023” after receiving the Rookie of the Year award at the “MBC Acting Awards” last year, unveiled his five-year life alone for the first time. While being grateful for the small happiness, he delivered positive energy to viewers by recharging happiness with items containing taste, film camera shooting and development, and even printing.

Lee Jong-won enjoyed a sun shower while enjoying the view of Namsan Tower at the “Jongwon House,” which is full of objects containing tastes such as LP, perfume, and film cameras. He said, “For the first time in my life, I live in a house with good sunlight. “I’m grateful to wake up in the sun,” he said, boasting a power positive aspect that exceeds happiness just by sunlight.

Rainbow members watched Lee Jong-won choose music as soon as they woke up and wondered if he listened to IU’s “strawberry moon,” which appeared as the main character of the music video. When asked why he appeared in IU’s music video, Lee Jong-won said, “I know IU wanted it,” drawing attention.

Lee Jong-won ate his favorite cereal and exercised using the threshold space. In addition, beef was grilled with sesame oil and rice cake dumpling soup was quickly completed using beef bone soup. It was so delicious that he chewed his cheeks and laughed, “It’s all right if it’s delicious.”

He then wore an outdoor look using vintage items and took a film camera to shoot in the neighborhood. Park Na-rae was surprised by Lee Jong-won’s pose as a photographer, saying, “It’s almost a movie.” Jeon Hyun-moo of Tminnam bought Won-sung (?) because he said, “I should take a picture, too.” Along with the scene where Lee Jong-won concentrated on taking pictures, the photos he exhibited in Gangwon-do were released, drawing admiration.

Lee Jong-won headed to the development room. The film was placed in a mini darkroom-like black bag, carefully wiggling, and the film was put into the tank, and the development work was carried out by carefully mixing three solutions and water. He also explained, “Just as I have my own food recipe, if I follow my recipe, the color I want comes out.” It also showed a sense of giving printed photos to rainbow members.

At night, Lee Jong-won ended the day with his favorite things, enjoying special meals, and purchasing kkurisal that he reserved over the phone at his regular butcher’s He said, “I turned 30 this year, and I think I’ll be so happy if I just stay like now. “I’m still too happy,” he said, expressing his feelings full of positive energy.

Next week, the second story of the Giraffe Unity Competition and the story of the friendly boss Bae Da-bin were predicted.

Cocoon Declares Jeon Hyun-moo Abandonment, “We will make..

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