Conor McGregor return, may not be possible until after August – UFC

Conor McGregor

McGregor recently said he would conduct a “great return match” before the end of March next year, and that he would probably be a welterweight in that case, and that he would do a drug test in February. The drug test should be done six months in advance, but two tests under special regulations can make it to the Octagon without a break.

Conor McGregor used the special rule as an example, but UFC’s drug test partner, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), said McGregor was not in the drug test pool and could not play until six months after the test.

Avery Walker, head of USADA communications, told UFC Broadcasting Partner ESPN that there was no reason to give McGregor a special treatment and that he could not play next March because he was not currently registered in the Test Pool.

Conor McGregor will have to go through a two-year hiatus in that case due to McGregor’s tweet that “February USADA Test Pool” and “Quick Return” are difficult.

McGregor is still recovering after breaking his leg in the first round of his third fight against Poirier in July last year, with one win and three losses in his last four games.

McGregor’s drug problem resurfaced last week when former UFC light heavyweight title challenger and ESPN Broadcasting Studios analyst Anthony Smith said, “I think McGregor may not be in the test pool because he’s a performance-enhancing drug.”

Although the drug problem can escalate, it can be solved simply because the special test is not a preference, but a strong and certain test to reduce the period of return.

Conor McGregor return, may not be possible until after August – UFC

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