“Convenience Restaurant” Ryu Sooyoung, cost-effective 甲 Sangju Korean beef party

Ryu Sooyoung

Ryu Soo-young will hold a miracle Korean beef party in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

KBS2’s “New Release Convenience Restaurant” (hereinafter referred to as “Convenience Restaurant”), which will air on the 30th, will begin a competition for the first launch menu in 2023.

Among them, Ryu Soo-young, a reliable eonam teacher, won the grand prize at the KBS Entertainment Awards held on the 24th.

Following 2020 and 2021, he held the trophy in his arms as a “convenience restaurant” for three consecutive years.

This is the result of the passion of Uhnam teacher Ryu Soo-young, who is serious about cooking, attracting high topics and viewers’ love every week. In this week’s broadcast, Eo-nam’s passion for cooking continues.

Ryu Soo-young will leave the kitchen far away and travel to Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, with the staff who have suffered together for the first time since she started “Convenience Restaurant.”

Ryu Soo-young’s Sangju trip, which was called “cooking camp itself,” is expected to provide an all-time delicious feast and laughter.

In the VCR released on this day, Ryu Soo-young diligently went grocery shopping as soon as she arrived in Sangju. Another specialty of Sangju, which is called “Sambaek Village” due to its famous rice, silk, and dried persimmons, is Sangju Korean beef. Ryu Soo-young has started to buy Korean beef that nearly 20 staff can enjoy at a market butcher’s shop in Sangju.

While everyone was curious, “It would be extremely expensive for so many staff members to eat Korean beef,” Ryu Soo-young surprised everyone by purchasing as much as 6kg of Korean beef in various areas, including sirloin, rib eye, brisket, and chuck flap tail. What’s more surprising is the price. He bought 6kg of Korean beef for less than 500,000 won.

Ryu Soo-young drew attention by saying, “In Sangju, you can taste high-quality Korean beef at a much lower price than in Seoul.”

After returning to the accommodation, Ryu Soo-young began to grill Korean beef in a cauldron heated with firewood for the staff. The Korean beef, which was grilled with Mr. Eo Nam’s meticulous skill, was admired enough to be praised, “The meat that Mr. Lee grilled is different.”

Mr. Eo-nam then completed the perfect party by boiling ramen in a cauldron and even making fried rice. Throughout that time, Ryu Soo-young sweated and packed food for each person while controlling the fire in the cauldron.

Everyone raised their thumbs saying, “It’s amazing” to see Ryu Soo-young smiling happily in sweat. The Sangju Hanwoo Party site, where everyone was happy and happy thanks to the mother bird Ryu Soo-young, will be unveiled at KBS2’s New Release Convenience Restaurant, which airs at 8:30 p.m. on December 30.

“Convenience Restaurant” Ryu Sooyoung, cost-effective..

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