CRAXY releases new single “Poison Rose” on the 10th


The group CRAXY (Woo-ah, Chae-yi, Karin, Hye-jin, and Su-an) has confirmed the release of their new single “Poison Rose.”

Cracy released a performance preview of its new single “Poison Rose” on its official SNS on the 8th.

Cracy, who had previously postponed the release of a new single to join the national mourning period of the Itaewon disaster, unveiled a performance preview of “Poison Rose” on the same day, marking a new start of the special comeback.

In the released video, Cracky revealed a fatal and intense performance and caught the attention of global fans at once. Various effects such as red lights and stages trapped in flames highlighted Cracky’s aura, raising expectations for the new song. 먹튀사이트

Cracky, who has shown the essence of “Real Girl CRAXY” with powerful group dance in his previous work, expresses sexy and sensual charm with Cracky’s dark feeling through “Poison Rose,” heralding a different transformation. The intense highlight group dance, the point choreography that causes addiction, and the delicate facial expressions of the members according to the flow of the song are adding to the curiosity about the stage.

“Poison Rose” is a sampling of “Erlkonig” by Schubert/Liszt. It is a trap genre song with a rough baseline and electronic guitar, creating a magnificent sound.

CRAXY releases new single “Poison Rose” on the 10th

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