Cristiano Ronaldo returns to training for Manchester United’s first team…I bent over to Ten Hagh

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo (37) has returned to training for the Manchester United team. I finished talking with director Eric Ten Hagh.

British media ‘Mirror’ said on the 26th, “Ronaldo has joined Manchester United team training. “After talking to coach Ten Hagh, we finished preliminary consultations, and we will resume training for the first team and play in the UEFA Europa League,” he pointed out.

According to sources at Manchester United, coach Ten Hagh had decided to exclude Ronaldo from training for three days.Later, I talked to Ronaldo constantly. Coach Ten Hach has clearly communicated to Ronaldo that he will not allow him to publicly express his opposition to his decision. Made sure Ronaldo was unacceptable as an example.

Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford for the first time in 12 years last summer. It was strongly linked to Manchester City, but at the end of the transfer window, Manchester United decided. There was advice from soccer players who shared the golden age of Manchester United, including former head coach Alex Ferguson.

Manchester United fans cheered for Ronaldo’s return seven times. Ronaldo was well past his mid-30s, but showed a consistent sense of goal in the Premier League. Even if the team was shaken under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he showed off his presence by maintaining the top five Premier League scoring.

Even if coach Ten Hach took the helm, his position did not change. However, Ronaldo wanted to advance to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League and wanted to leave Manchester United. He was absent from pre-season training and forced to leave work early in the last game.

There was no particular team to call for even a number of reverse offers. He remained at Manchester United, but there was no mercy for coach Ten Hagh. He didn’t bother to hire players who hurt the team atmosphere. It has also gradually lost ground among Manchester United.

In the Tottenham Hotspur match, he also acted to damage the team’s atmosphere. Manchester United beat Tottenham to secure a 2-0 victory, but Ronaldo entered the tunnel and returned home immediately in the 42nd minute of the second half even though there was a replacement card left.

Coach Ten Hach responded strongly by dropping Ronaldo for training for the U-23 team. Of course, he was also excluded from the list against Chelsea.

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to training for Manchester United’s first team…

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