Curry almost recorded the worst technical foul in NBA history when he used up the operation time


Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) almost recorded the worst technical foul in the NBA.

Game 4 of the first round of the NBA 2022-2023 Western Conference playoffs between the Golden State and the Sacramento Kings at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, on the 24th (Korea Standard Time).

With 49 seconds left before the end of the fourth quarter, Sacramento’s Malik Monk missed a layup shot. Golden State’s Kevon Rooney caught the rebound. The score was 126-121, with Golden State leading by five points. On top of that, he even won the right to attack. The game is practically over.

However, when Curry, who caught the ball, was blocked by the opponent’s defense, he asked for a timeout.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr earlier called for a timeout to challenge Rooney’s foul declaration. However, the referee’s decision was not reversed. That used up Golden State’s operational time.

But Curry didn’t seem to know this. It was judged that there would still be one operation time left.

In the end, a technical foul was declared on Curry. Monk made a free throw and D-ARON FOX hit a three-pointer. The score difference quickly narrowed to 1.

Sacramento, who caught the ball after a struggle after Curry’s exquisite lob shot failed, attempted the final attack.

But Harrison Barnes’ three-point shot turned away from the rim. If he went in, it could have been a dramatic reversal victory for Sacramento.
And Curry’s technical foul would have been the worst ever 스포츠토토

Golden State, which maintained a one-point victory after a long struggle, returned the series to square one with two consecutive wins after two consecutive losses.

Curry scored 32 points on the day. Fox scored 38 points, but lost its glory in the team’s defeat

Curry almost recorded the worst technical foul in NBA

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