Darvish, are you sure you’re gonna throw it to 40? U.S. Expected to Re-sign 3+1 Year with SD


Local media in the U.S. predicted the extension of the contract between Darvish Yu (37, San Diego) and San Diego.

The East Village Times, a local journalist in San Diego, USA, said on the 9th (Korea time) that “San Diego is…”Who should I protect, Levitsch or Blake Snell?’ he published an article.

Here, Darvish was expected to renew his contract. Darvish started in 30 games last season, playing 1942이닝3 innings, recording 16 wins, 8 losses, 3,10 ERA and 197 strikeouts, contributing to San Diego’s advance to the postseason.

In 10 years since his major league debut, he has won 16 games, the most wins in his career. And he will become an FA after the end of this season. If this year shows as much performance as last season, large contracts will naturally follow.

The media said, “If San Diego advances to the playoffs, we need an ace. Darvish is not as young as he used to be, but he is consistent. He added strength to Darvish, saying, “He is the most reliable player among San Diego’s Big Three (Darvish, Joe Musgrove, Snell).”

Darvish threw 194 innings, the most since the 2013 season. He was selected as an All-Star five times and recorded a career ERA of 3.50 and WHIP (per inning allowed to get on base) of 1.125 in 1,488 innings. He is a high-quality pitcher who has proven his worth for a long time. The unique combination of pitches is even more overwhelming for young hitters. “I throw 12 pitches,” he praised. 안전공원

He also predicted the size of Darvish’s renewal. The East Village Times said, “I think it will easily exceed $20 million a year in the next contract. A three-year contract is expected. 3+1 years with team options for the fourth year is appropriate. He has made at least 30 starts in four of the last five seasons. “He will play as an inning player during the season and he is a player of great value,” he claimed.

Darvish, are you sure you’re gonna throw it to 40? U.S. Expected…

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