Dasom, exceptional see-through fashion, deadly sexy.

The Happy Lifestyle Magazine Singles for Confident Singles released their new song “Summer or Summer” with Hyolyn on the 10th and released Dasom’s alluring visual pictorial that heated various music charts.

Dasom, who drew attention even before its release by announcing the return of her authorized summer queen, is loved by many people, completing energetic songs with her unique attractive vocals and cool singing skills.

Dasom, who appeared with a deadly atmosphere beyond the existing lovely image, showed off his unexpected charm by comfortably digesting sexy and sensual concepts in this shoot.

In particular, he showed a variety of makeup, ranging from vivid red lips to vivid two-tone tones, as well as capturing attention with facial expressions and poses that fit the look, proving his artistic side.

It is rumored that even the female staff who were watching couldn’t hide their excitement, saying, “I just fell in love with Dasom,” as soon as she stood in front of the camera while smiling brightly like a girl.

Meanwhile, Dasom and Hyorin participated in the Content Lab VIVO’s “How to Spend 2021 Well” project and released their new song “Summer or Summer.”

As an artist representing the summer, he released exciting melodies and refreshing music videos and ranked first on various music charts upon his comeback, receiving enthusiastic cheers from not only Korean but also global fans.파워볼사이트

In particular, he is taking the lead in good influence by conveying the news that he is donating his music revenue to the social class suffering from coronavirus 19.

Dasom’s deadly visual pictorial with bold and sexy charms can be found in the September issue of Singles and on the Singles website.

Dasom, exceptional see-through fashion, deadly sexy.

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