Davichi Lee Hae-ri Marries Non-Celebrity Lovers in July


Lee Hae-ri, a member of the female duo Davichi, is getting married.

According to music industry officials on the 11th, Lee Hae-ri promised to marry a non-celebrity lover who has recently been dating.

The wedding is scheduled for July.

Prior to this, Lee Hae-ri is reportedly delivering news of her marriage to her acquaintances one after another.

Born in 1985, Lee Hae-ri debuted in the music industry as a member of the duo Davichi, formed with Kang Min-kyung in 2008.

As a member of Davichi, he has hit a number of songs, including “I Love You Even If I Hate You,” “8282,” “Turtle,” “Love and War,” and “My Last Words I Couldn’t Say to You.”

Lee Hae-ri is the first member of Davichi to get married. Another member, Kang Min-kyung, is still single.

With Lee Hae-ri about to get married, Davichi will release his new mini-album “Season Note” on the 16th.

It is the first new album in about five months since its single “Every Day Christmas” was released in December last year.

Davichi Lee Hae-ri Marries Non-Celebrity Lovers in July

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