Direct feedback available T1 Wengi revealed the reason why he chose Tom


T1 released an interview video on its YouTube channel this morning (8th) showing the aspirations of four players who will coach and coach the 2023 T1 League of Legends (LOL). Coach Wengi (Bae Sung-woong), Sky (Kim Ha-neul), Tom (Im Jae-hyun), and Roach (Kim Kang-hee) each told stories about their feelings and goals.

The release of this video was announced in a communication broadcast with fans at the suggestion of Faker (Lee Sang-hyuk) on the 1st. T1 CEO Jo Marsh and T1 Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ahn Woong-ki attended the broadcast and answered questions from fans. At that time, there was a question about the controversy related to Tom’s appointment of a coach, and T1 replied, “Coach Wengi was in charge of the appointment of a coach and will provide an explanation through a video later.”

Wengi is a legendary player who has won the League of Legends World Championship (LOL Cup) three times in T1. In the 2021 season, he was the coach of the LCK CL (League of Legends Champions Korea Challengers League) team of T1 and won the league championship cup, and this year, he served as the T1 coach. After the LCK summer season, he was promoted to acting coach and led the LOL World Cup series.

He, who became the official manager of T1 this year, finished second (LOL World Cup) in the video, but he thought it was not a team that lacked skills. “I thought I could lift the Worlds (LOL World Cup) trophy if I supplemented it a little more, so I took the helm,” he said, expressing his willingness to try again to win the LOL World Cup.

Coach Wengi also responded to Tom’s recruitment of a coach, which T1 fans complained about. T1 fans have questioned Tom’s appointment as a coach, citing the fact that he has been supporting other teams in T1 matches with other teams in the past, and that he has not performed well as a coach in PSG Talon and Gen.G e-sports.

In response to the controversy, Wengi said, “I made inappropriate remarks and actions, and I think the fans could be hurt. “I would like to apologize for this,” he said. However, he said, “(Tom) was selected because he thought he was a helpful coach worthy of the name of T1,” adding, “I can’t say that (Tom) has excellent career as a coach, but I felt that I learned a lot from experiencing failure.” “There may be some parts I’m missing from the feedback or the stadium, and I have a personality that can directly tell you that,” he said, explaining the reason for his appointment. He cited the advantage of being able to give immediate feedback on what he missed. Bengi and Tom played together as junglers in the same position in the 2015 SKT T1.

Coach Bengi also gave an answer to another issue, the appointment of a coach dedicated to the bottom line was another issue. He said, “I had both of you in mind. One person even had an interview, but he eventually expressed his intention to go a different way, he said. “The other person eventually refused because he thought it didn’t fit the direction of our coaches who value trust,” explaining why he didn’t recruit a bottom coach 파워볼게임

The newly appointed coach Tom also expressed his position on the controversy through the video. “I’m sorry to the fans who felt disappointed by my careless words and actions,” he said. Later, he said, “I think the best answer is to repay you with the best results,” expressing his willingness to prove the reason for his appointment as a result.

At the end of the interview video, coach Wengi stressed the importance of communication, saying, “League of Legends is a 5:5 team game, and if it is not a situation where you can talk comfortably between team members, it becomes uncomfortable to give feedback.” Since then, he has shown confidence in the current coaching staff composition, saying, “I’ve brought them to me and people who can help the team.” Finally, he said, “I understand the fans’ concerns. I will try harder not to have the same regrets as last year as I decided. “I would appreciate it if you could watch the process,” he said, expressing his willingness to perform better this year.

Direct feedback available T1 Wengi revealed the reason

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