Dodgers winning contractor lamented, “If you don’t win WS, 80 wins and 120 wins are meaningless.”


“If you don’t win the World Series, it doesn’t matter whether you win 80 or 120 games.”

Freddie Freeman (LA Dodgers), the “winning contractor,” expressed deep regret over his failure to advance to the National League Championship Series.

Freeman, who made a big contribution to the Atlanta Braves’ World Series victory last year, is ahead of this seasonHe changed his uniform with the Jus for six years and $162 million.

The recruitment effect was clear. He batted .325 with 199 hits in 612 at-bats, 21 home runs, 100 RBIs, 117 runs, and 13 steals. He not only achieved a new record for the most hits in a single season, but also achieved 100 RBIs in three years.

The Dodgers advanced to the postseason with 111 wins and 51 losses, but were caught by the San Diego Padres in the division series and ended the fall stage. Freeman had a high batting average of .357 and hit one home run and three doubles.

“The Dodgers Nation,” which delivers the Dodgers news, pointed out on the 17th (Korea Standard Time), “The three Dodgers, including Freeman, Mookie Betts, and Tray Turner, have made a historic season of 111 wins, but it has since become a fruitless postseason.”

“If you don’t win the World Series, it’s meaningless whether you win 80 or 120. It’s just disappointing. It’s just baseball in October”. Freeman made the remarks after failing to advance to the championship series.

Freeman went on to say, “I couldn’t achieve my goal (to win the World Series).” There’s not much I can say. He set one goal after transferring to the Dodgers, but it did not come true. So I’m very disappointed,” he added. 부산출장마사지

He also said, “I’ve been away from my family during the season and tried to reach one goal, but I’m disappointed that I couldn’t achieve it I can’t think of any other expression. “Our team is a really good team, but we didn’t achieve our goal,” he said, expressing his regret for not achieving his dream of winning.

Dodgers winning contractor lamented, “If you don’t win WS…

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