Durant 39 points, Harden 17 assists. Superstars ‘suppress rebellion’


This season, the NBA is a series of ‘rebellions’. Although it is early in the season, the sluggishness and collapse of teams led by superstars and the propaganda of teams that pressed the rebuilding button are mixed.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers are still at the bottom of the West, and so is Brooklyn. On top of that, Philadelphia also lost three consecutive games at the beginning of the opening. On the other hand, San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz, and Indiana Pacers, who declared team rebuilding, have continued to do well, leading the “rebellion” at the beginning of the season. Durant

However, face-saving superstars are overpowering the ‘rebellion’.

The Brooklyn Nets beat the Indiana Pacers 116-109 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular league home game at Barclays Center in New York on the 1st (Korea time). Brooklyn, who was beaten 116-125 by Indiana two days ago, succeeded in a revenge match in a return match.

Kevin Durant led the team with 39 points (9 rebounds and 7 assists), including 13 points in the first quarter. Kyrie Irving also scored 28 points, six rebounds and four assists.

Brooklyn, along with the Los Angeles Lakers, which were in a slump of one win and five losses, continued to be sluggish due to a lack of team chemistry and organizational power even though he had the league’s best one-two punch. As Ben Simmons, who had been looking forward to it, showed weaknesses in defense as well as shooting ability, Brooklyn became an easy opponent and is recording two wins and five losses.

The Philadelphia 76ers, who lost three consecutive games, also beat the Washington Wizards 118 to 111 with James Harden’s 17 assists (23 points). Harden, who was considered to have lost his overall skills last season, is showing signs of being cut off and in his heyday this season. However, Philadelphia’s team organization was a problem. Coach Doc Rivers said, “It’s not a team that’s ready to win yet.” Harden and Joel Embiid had no problems with their skills, but they had problems in their opponent’s transition and defensive breathing with their teammates. However, Tyris Maxi’s score began to explode with the small lineup together, and Harden is also showing his power. Embiid was absent on the day, but there was no problem with the victory. He has recently recorded four wins and one loss and is preparing for the championship.

The Milwaukee Bucks, the strongest player in the East, beat the Detroit Pistons 110-108 with Janis Antetokounmpo (31 points and 12 rebounds), and the Toronto Raptors, who are in MVP mode this season, defeated the Atlanta Hawks 139-109. 토토사이트

Durant 39 points, Harden 17 assists. Superstars ‘suppress rebellion’

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