E’LAST wrapped up their first solo fan meeting in Korea successfully! “Special memories.”


Group E’LAST successfully completed its first solo fan meeting in Korea.

Elast held an exclusive fan meeting at Daewon Content Live Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 24th and met with Elling (fandom name).

This event is E’LAST’s first fan meeting in Korea since its debut. In particular, for domestic and global fans who could not join us on the spot, the fan meeting was broadcast live on MUBIT Live and actively communicated online and offline.

On this day, Elast entertained fans with various events, including the new song “Thrill” released last month. The members, who dominated the beginning of the fan meeting with intense and charismatic performances, sang the fan song “My Flower” in the second half and presented a special stage only for Elling.

In response, fans responded with an event that held a slogan reading, “I love you E’LAST, who has been my flower and light,” and touched the members by cheering for them to continue to be with E’LAST.

Even after the official event, Elast completed its first solo fan meeting with abundant fan services, including video call events.

After the fan meeting, Elast said on his official SNS account, “Thank you so much for decorating the special moment of the first fan meeting in Korea together. “Let’s continue to walk with us in the future,” he said, expressing his gratitude to his fans.

Elast’s fan meeting, which deeply impressed Elling around the world, can also be seen as a VOD streaming service for seven days only for those who are eligible for pre-purchase.

E’LAST wrapped up their first solo fan meeting in Korea

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