Emiri Okazaki

Emiri Okazaki

Date of Birth: 1991-04-10
Height: 165 cm
Body Size: B87 / W56 / H87
Cup Size: D Cup
Debut: Debut in November 2011

She is an AV actress from Japan’s gravure idol group who debuted in 2011.

Emiri Okazaki said herself that her father is Korean and his mother is Japanese.

Although her face and body are outstanding as she is from Gravy, her criticism of the work itself is divided due to her weak acting skills, but the hardware is so solid that it is expected to grow enough.

She debuted through MUTEKI and has been working as an actress for Kira Kira since November 2014 after working with Idea Pocket, Moodyz and SOD STAR.

Going to Kira Kira, she has previously abandoned her innocent concept and turned into a Gyaru concept, drawing fans’ disappointment.

She retired in November 2016 and decided to work for Kabakura.

In January 2017, the last novel was released in the Caribbean.

In May 2018, she appeared on one of the YouTube channels, Asian Boss, and interviewed.

From April 2018, she started a cosmetics business that sells his original brand.

The mission is “THE ONE,” and since her skin is sensitive, she has been worried about cosmetics for a long time and launched an original brand for women who have the same concerns. 토토사이트 추천

Zero Like a Dragon: Appears as a Bowling Clerk in Camurocho at the Place of Oath

Emiri Okazaki 丘咲エミリ She is an AV actress

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