ENHYPEN “Dream stage Kyocera Dome, such a happy time”.

ENHYPEN (ENHYPEN) has completed its first solo dome performance in Japan in Japan years after its debut.

ENHYPEN held an additional Japanese performance of “ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR” (hereinafter referred to as “MANIFESTO”) at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan, from the 21st to the 22nd and attracted 80,000 audiences for two days.


The “MANIFESTO” Kyocera Dome performance was performed twice and 80,000 seats were sold out early. In addition to face-to-face performances, live viewing was held at 163 movie theaters in Korea and Japan on the 21st, and it was broadcast live online on the 22nd, and fans around the world enjoyed the performance together.

ENHYPEN started the stage splendidly by singing “Given-Taken [Japanese Ver.]” and “Flicker.” They then performed the original Japanese songs such as “Always”, “Forget Me Not”, and “Make the change”, as well as the Japanese version of “Drunk-Dazed”, “Tamed-Dashed”, “Blessed-Cursed”, “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” OST “MOUR” and 20 original songs. ENHYPEN performed a flawless group dance on stage, drawing cheers from fans with its colorful charm from powerful performances to cheerful charm.

ENHYPEN breathed with the audience by surfing the cheering stick and moving the stage using a moving car. At the end of the concert, starting with “ParadoXXX Invasion,” encore performances were performed with “SHOUT OUT,” “Forget Me Not,” “Attention, Please!” and “Go Big or Go Home.”

EN-HYPEN said, “It was a very happy two days at Kyocera Dome, which was the dream stage. I want to say, “You did a great job” to ENGENE, who made great memories, and to the members who practiced hard. I think it’s all thanks to the engine that I was able to be on such a big stage. “We will continue to add our voices and cheers from ENHYPEN to promote our story to the world,” he said.

EN-HYPEN will continue its “MANIFESTO” fever in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 28th and 29th.

ENHYPEN “Dream stage Kyocera Dome, such a happy time”.

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