ENHYPEN, has Japan’s box office growth stagnated?


Group ENHYPEN. The Japanese report card of Jung Won, Hee Seung, Jay, Jake, Sung Hoon, Sunwoo, and Nikki) is lukewarm than expected.

ENHYPEN released its first full-length album “Sadame” on the 26th of last month. “Sadame,” which topped the Oricon Daily Album Ranking for six consecutive days at the same time as its release, reached the top of the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking with 233,000 copies sold.

“As of the first week of its release, 122,335 copies of its third mini-album ‘Manifesto: DAY 1’ were sold, and this album is about twice as many as this one,” his agency Billief Lab said.

At first glance, it appears to have nearly doubled. However, if you look closely, the situation is different. It is not appropriate to simply compare sales with Korean albums, not Japanese albums, for the 3rd mini album “Manifesto: Day 1.”

For accurate comparison, it should be compared with the second Japanese single album “DIMENSION: 디'(” (DIMENSION: Senkou), which was released just before. On the first day of its release, “DIMENSION: Senkou” sold 247,697 copies. This is higher than the weekly sales of ‘Sadame’.

ENHYPEN is still influencing foreign fandom rather than domestic. The figure of 230,000 copies and the record of being at the top of the Oricon weekly album are clear achievements. However, it is a fact that the absolute album sales of ENHYPEN, which has a high proportion of Japanese fandom, have fallen.

Furthermore, the existence of & TEAM, which is set to debut at the end of the year, is also burdensome. & TEAM, which will debut through Hive Japan, includes four trainees who appeared in ENHYPEN’s debut survival “I-LAND.” Unlike ENHYPEN, which combines domestic and overseas activities, if &TEAM, which starts its activities in Japan first, makes its official debut, it could also leave the fandom. 메이저사이트

Coincidentally, ENHYPEN visited the site of “An Audition – The Howling – Final Round” where the final debut member of &TEAM was selected and watched the formation process of &TEAM. It was good to see the members who had been together celebrating the moment they debuted, but the members became the most dangerous rivals and competed.

Will ENHYPEN, which has performed worse than expected and is about to emerge as a strong rival, be able to boost its stagnant performance?

ENHYPEN, has Japan’s box office growth stagnated?

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