“Even Arsenal” Newcastle acknowledges ‘Big 4’ now…Club Records ‘6 games without losing a point’


Newcastle United put the brakes on Arsenal’s winning streak with a “salty water defense.”

Newcastle tied Arsenal in the 19th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-2023 season at Emirates Stadium in London on the 4th (Korea time). Arsenal remained firmly in the top spot, but their winning streak stopped in five games. Newcastle, which has been unbeaten in 13 consecutive games (8 wins and 5 draws), remained in third place.

As Newcastle stopped Arsenal, who is showing off their strong firepower, without losing a point in the away game, everyone seems to recognize its potential. England’s ‘BBC’ evaluated ‘Newcastle is now a true Premier League powerhouse’.

Newcastle was acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund last season. It was grim back then. It was in the relegation zone. However, it became a completely different team in a year. Rather than recruiting spectacularly, he improved the team’s constitution by transfusing “the best.”

Especially, the defense is great. Newcastle boast a minimum loss (11 goals) in EPL. In particular, only two goals were allowed in the last 11 games, including the EPL and the League Cup. Another six consecutive games without losing a point is Newcastle’s new history. 토토사이트

Newcastle’s ‘Big Four’ is no longer a coincidence. The BBC blocked Arsenal, which Newcastle were seen as impossible. It is on this defensive basis that Newcastle should be taken seriously as the big four, he said. “Newcastle is now firmly in the big four, and of course it is worth it.”

“Even Arsenal” Newcastle acknowledges ‘Big 4’ now…

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