Even Yoo Ahin… Celebrities targeted by the Itaewon disaster

Yoo Ahin

As of the morning of the 1st, 156 people died in the Itaewon disaster, and innocent people are suffering from groundless speculation.

The main character of the day is actor Yoo Ahin. Yoo Ah-in had to explain the spread of rumors online that she was in Itaewon on the 29th of last month when the Itaewon disaster occurred.

On speculation that the Halloween disaster was due to Yoo Ahin, the agency said Yoo Ah-in was staying abroad on the day of the disaster.

There was a movement to literally “search” for the cause of the disaster from the day of the incident. It was BJs who were the first targets of the witch hunt. While there were many BJs who were broadcasting live in Itaewon on the same day, some famous BJs had to suffer from rumors that the accident eventually occurred as people flocked to see them.

In the end, BJ K and BJ Seya actively explained the speculation that they were the cause of the Itaewon crush accident, drawing a line that they were not related to the accident.

BJK, who was cited as a “celebrity” due to the visit of celebrities, said on Afreeca TV on the 30th of last month, “There are speculative messages that a lot of people gathered because of me, and I think everyone knows it’s too ridiculous and it’s not true,” and BJK, who was with him, said on his SNS, “We were just one of the crowds, so there were almost no one who saw me.”

BJs actively explained and thought the rumor of “celebrity” would end, but this time, Yoo Ah-in was embroiled in rumors of “celebrity.” Yoo Ah-in was not in Korea, let alone Itaewon, on the day of the disaster. It was a guess.

The Itaewon disaster killed 156 people as of the morning of the 1st. The public is using innocent celebrities to create and spread various rumors in search of a place to blame for the accident that caused numerous victims.

At a regular meeting on the 31st of last month, the police said they are monitoring posts related to the Itaewon disaster that are distributed online, including SNS and online communities. The police have deployed 46 cyber investigators to operate a cyber countermeasure situation room.

Even Yoo Ahin… Celebrities targeted by the Itaewon disaster

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