Everton ‘outraged’ at Tottenham beating 19 million Pound sterling


It is news that Everton are firmly upset by Tottenham Hotspur’s negotiating method.

British media Liverpool Echo reported on the 7th,

“Everton was furious at Tottenham’s way of using the club’s financial situation to cut Hishalisson’s transfer fee.”

On the 1st, Tottenham recruited Everton striker Hishalisson for a transfer fee of 60 million Pound sterling.

“Everton has lost about 372 million Pound sterling over the past three years.

In order to avoid sanctions, it was necessary to balance the accounting books by selling the players by June 30,

the end of the fiscal year, raising the club’s profits, he said.

“When Everton were in a situation where they had to sell their players,

Tottenham offered only 40 million Pound sterling as Hishalisson’s transfer fee at 4 p.m. on June 30.

Everton were angry because they thought Tottenham were trying to take advantage of the club’s precarious financial situation,” he added.

In the past, Tottenham has attempted to lower transfer fees by taking advantage of the unstable financial condition of the negotiating team.

In 2018, when Aston Villa, who belonged to the championship at the time,

tried to sell Jack Grillish, a key player of the team,

due to financial difficulties, Tottenham took time to cut Grillish’s transfer fee as much as possible.

Later, however, Egypt’s billionaire Nasef Sawiris took over Villa and wrote off the team’s debt,

which raised Grillish’s transfer fee significantly.

Since then, Grillish has grown to be one of the best players in the Premier League and moved to Pound Sterling Manchester City last summer.

Once again, Tottenham’s discount attempt came to naught as Chelsea showed great interest in Hishalisson and tried to hijack him

Tottenham, who didn’t want to lose their target player to their league rivals, could embrace Hishalisson by offering an increased amount.

Everton ‘outraged’ at Tottenham beating 19 million Pound sterling

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