[Exclusive] Ham So-won, “I’ve never manipulated ‘Taste of Wife’, now I’m explaining because of family pain

Ham So-won

Many people misunderstand, so it breaks my heart whenever I get this question.”

Broadcaster Ham So-won (46) belatedly revealed the truth of the controversy over the manipulation of TV Chosun’s “Taste of Wife,” which was noisy in the past.

In an interview with My Daily on the 29th, Ham So-won said, “I didn’t manipulate it (in ‘The Taste of Wife),” and stressed, “I didn’t participate in the first filming of Airbnb’s honeymoon house, and I wasn’t at the scene.”

Ham So-won appeared in “Taste of Wife” from 2018 to 2021, drawing attention by revealing her marriage to her Chinese husband, Jinhwa. However, the disclosure of the parents-in-law’s Harbin villa and honeymoon house in China, which led to allegations of manipulation, was embroiled in controversy, and “Taste of Wife” decided to end it, saying, “We belatedly understood that there was an exaggerated production in some episodes related to Ham So-won.”

Did you actually manipulate the taste of your wife?

“Many people misunderstand, so it breaks my heart whenever I get this question.”

“I didn’t participate in the first filming of Airbnb’s newlywed house in question, and I wasn’t there either. In both shoots, my sister-in-law’s husband and in-laws, who are ordinary people, finished filming under the direction of the filming crew without me at the scene. I joined from the second filming of the honeymoon house, and I did my best to film it as instructed by the staff because they said it was the connection of the first filming. The broadcast consists of the artist’s composition, filming, and editing, but I can’t control and manipulate these conditions. I didn’t manipulate it, but it was so painful. 안전놀이터

The reason why I’m explaining now is because

“The “Taste of Wife” program has ended, and both the writer and director who worked with me are doing well in other programs, so I can now tell you about the controversy over “Taste of Wife.” And my parents-in-law worried about my husband and wanted an explanation. I’m sorry that I can finally tell my in-laws, husband, and fans who have always been waiting for me.”

[Exclusive] Ham So-won, “I’ve never manipulated ‘Taste of Wife

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