Eye correction side effect pain


If you cut your cornea, it can weaken your cornea So, corneal dilatation is the worst side effect when the cornea is sagging and astigmatism occurs. In the past, there was no procedure to take corneal topography to evaluate whether water is cornea or not to prevent it It came out. There was a procedure to control the corneal dilatation

It’s almost a perfect surgery, so I think it’s so safe that people who don’t want to do LASEK are encouraged to do it I fixed it for you, but NAVER didn’t say it hurt like this. LASEK hurts so much and it’s really long that you can’t see it well. To a certain extent, you can go in 2, 3, 2. It hurts a lot. It hurts when you get sand in your eyes But it feels like there’s a lot of sand in my eyes. It feels like I’m making money from shampoo. And after a day, I can go for 3 days without getting better

LASIK has one more procedure to take an incision, so it can be more expensive than LASEK. But when you turn it off, you need to strengthen your cornea if it’s softened or thinned, so it could be expensive These days, it’s almost the same. It’s around 1 million won to 1 million won. Lens implantation is a bit expensive. So it can be a bit expensive because it’s over 34 million won It’s more expensive

If you lose your eyesight after surgery, it’s better to take care of your dryness here, and the other half, what’s the other half, your eyes may get worse And when you cut it, it grows back and makes it flat, but there are times when it sticks out So if my eyes get worse, I might have to do my surgery So if my eyes get worse, I don’t know if it’s because of dryness or other mothers, so it’s good to have a regular test

And the department head, who’s the scariest thing about corneal dilatation, can help you with corneal reinforcement if you detect it early, so it’s important for me to come to the hospital as soon as my eyes get worse and find out the cause The most important way to take care of your money after surgery is to come during regular checkups. Second, putting tear drops in your eyes so that it’s not dry, or taking care of your dryness

And thirdly, corneal strengthening or eye deterioration doesn’t occur often due to rubbing, and even if it grows, it’s an important factor in managing things like touching the whites and not touching the black eyes

Eye correction side effect pain

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