Fabinho wife… “There’s something you can’t buy with money!”


Fabinho’s wife has publicly shot Manchester City.

Liverpool have lifted two trophies this season. Liverpool, who won the English Football League Cup (EFL) and the English Football Association Cup (FA Cup), played interesting games throughout the season based on Jürgen Klopp’s quick attack and solid midfield.

However, there was definitely some regret. Liverpool finished second in both league and European competitions. At 4 a.m. on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), he swallowed his regret by losing 0-1 to Real Madrid in the final of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2021-22 season at Stade de France in Paris, France.

In the league, he knelt down to Manchester City. The two teams went back and forth until the last game of the season, continuing an unknown trend until the end. However, in the end, both teams won the final match, and Liverpool had to settle for second place by one point without reversing the point difference with Manchester City.

Fans applauded the Liverpool players for their best efforts. Liverpool returned home after the Champions League final and held a parade in downtown Liverpool on the 29th. On the bus, the team and coaching staff responded to the cheers of the fans on the street, and the fans warmly welcomed them and applauded them.

The players’ families also applauded. Fabinho wife Rebecca Tavares said after Liverpool’s victory march: “We are Liverpool. This means a lot more. See you all Liverpool fans next season. Thank you for your support,” he said.

However, it contains meaningful words. Tavares also wrote, “There are things in the world that cannot be bought with oil (money).” It is said to have criticized Manchester City. Manchester City, which is supported by Sheikh Mansour’s owner’s financial support, was not happy for Tabares.


This naturally angered Manchester City fans. However, despite the continuing protests, Tavares said, “Now my hobby is to read comments from people who criticize me. I just told the truth, but the truth makes me suffer,” he said, sparking another controversy. Liverpool and Manchester City, which will continue next season, have another story to tell.

Fabinho wife… “There’s something you can’t buy with money!”

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