“Flame” Lee Hojong joins T1 as a streamer


Flame’ Lee Ho-jong acts as a T1 streamer.

T1 announced on its official SNS that ‘Flame’ Lee Ho-jong has newly joined as a partner streamer.

Lee Ho-jong joined CJ Entus Blades as a top liner in October 2012 and began his career. During the 2013 and 2014 seasons, he won the IEM Season 7 World Championship, won the WCG 2013 League of Legends (LoL) gold medal, and won the 2013 LoL Champions (LCK) spring runner-up. Lee Ho-jong, who moved to LGD Gaming of the Chinese LPL in 2014, was responsible for the team’s upper body with his outstanding performance, helping him win the 2015 LPL Spring runner-up and summer championship.

Lee Ho-jong, who later joined Damwon Gaming in February 2019 after going through Longju Gaming, North America’s Immotals, and Flyquest, failed to play often due to the main competition against “Raccoon” Jang Ha-kwon. However, Lee Ho-jong played in the second set match against 2019 LCK Summer SKT T1 (currently T1) and contributed greatly to the team’s reverse sweep (loss win) victory and showed as much performance as he did in his heyday.

Since then, Lee Ho-jong has actively continued his activities, including personal broadcasting, Internet broadcasting, and MSI guest commentators.

“Flame” Lee Hojong joins T1 as a streamer

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