Food sterilizers, do not use directly in humans.

Food sterilizers

‘99.99% Super Strong Eco-Friendly Sterilization’ ‘Safe even if sprayed directly on the whole body’… As interest in sterilization and disinfection has increased due to covidvirus 19, advertisements for sterilization and disinfection agents with no scientific basis are circulating on the Internet.

There are various types of disinfectants such as disinfectants for disinfection, hand disinfectants for personal hygiene, and ‘food disinfectants and disinfectants’ used for food manufacturing and processing, and their uses are different. Among them, food disinfectants are divided into “food disinfectants” directly used in food as food additives and “sterilizers such as appliances” used in food utensils, containers, and packaging.

However, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Ministry of Environment have recently cracked down on many cases of false and exaggerated advertisements as if they were effective in hand disinfection or prevention and treatment of diseases. In order to use food disinfectants safely and correctly, it is necessary to have a consumption habit of carefully checking product markings and advertisements based on accurate information.

Food sterilizers allow seven items, including sodium hypochlorite, hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, and acetic acid peroxide. These food disinfectants may be used for fruits, vegetables, etc., and shall be removed by washing, etc. after use. To check for post-use removal, the residual chlorine amount can be determined with test paper or measuring instrument for measuring chlorine for sodium hypochlorite. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sensitive people can feel the smell of chlorine in the water that they eat only 0.3 ppm, so they can check whether chlorine is removed by their sense of smell.안전놀이터

Thirteen items, including ethanol preparations and sodium hypochlorite preparations, are allowed in sterilizing and disinfecting appliances. It is used for sterilization and disinfection of food appliances, containers, and packaging in food manufacturing and processing businesses. Most disinfectants such as appliances and others can be sold only when they have 99.999% sterilization and disinfection power, and the maximum concentration of use and obligation to remove them after use is granted for consumer safety.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recently revised standards for food sterilizers and disinfectants. The main contents include specific cases such as “no direct consumption or inhalation,” “no mixing of cleaning agents and other disinfectants,” and “no spraying on spaces.” When using disinfectants such as food disinfectants or appliances, they shall comply with the standards and precautions indicated on the product and shall not be misled by misleading information.

Food sterilizers, do not use directly in humans.

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