G70 Shooting Brake Loadable Up to 1535 L


Genesis brand (hereinafter referred to as Genesis) announced that it will release ‘G70 SHOOTING BRAKE’ on the 27th.

The G70 shooting brake is a practical model by expanding the trunk loading space on the exterior of the luxury sports sedan G70, which meets the needs of customers who enjoy various lifestyles.

Shooting break is a combination of “Shooting,” which means hunting, and “Break,” which means a large wagon by Jim Khan, which means a carriage used by European aristocrats in the 19th century.

As the etymology implies, the G70 Shooting Brake has secured excellent space utilization with differentiated designs such as coupe and inherited the dynamic driving performance of the existing sedan.

Excellent interior with unique design and practicality

The G70 shooting brake is characterized by more emphasis on dynamism in the balance of Genesis’ design philosophy of “dynamic elegance,” and has a sleek ratio like a coupe. The specifications are 4,685 mm long, 1,850 mm wide, 1,400 mm high, and 2,835 mm wide.

In the front, the Crest Grill, inspired by the shield of the Genesis logo, is located lower than the headlamp, and a two-line quad lamp diagonally placed on both sides of the grill gives you a sense of speed and dynamism.

The side part has a unique silhouette, and the integrated glass on the side and rear surface that extends smoothly to the rear adds a clean impression.

The rear part expanded the quad lamp, which shows Genesis’ identity, to the inside of the trunk lid to complete a unique image, and maximized the open area by moving the trunk joint (hinge) forward.

On top of that, Floating-type spoilers considering aerodynamics and High Mounted Stop Lamp (HMSL) with improved visibility were applied to create a differentiated image.

The G70 shooting brake interior inherits the driver-centered structure of the G70 that resembles a fighter pilot’s seat and implements an intuitive interior layout, and creates a clean atmosphere by emphasizing the beauty of the margins.

G70 Shooting Brake Loadable Up to 1535 L

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