Gian84, Jenny and her fake friendship…”I won’t mention it again”


Webtoon writer Gian 84 showed off his fake friendship with the group “Black Pink” Jenny.

MBC TV entertainment show “Around the World” (hereinafter referred to as “Around the World”), which aired on the 1st, depicts the scene of an impromptu fan meeting between Gian 84 and South American girls.

On this day, Gian84 and Lee Si-eon and Fanny Bottle enjoyed a hot spring bath at a sulfur hot spring in Peru. The three were asked to take pictures by two Korean Wave fan girls in Peru on their way to change their clothes.

One girl asked Fanny Bottle, “Do you know BLACKPINK?” He said, “We are not close, but we know that BLACKPINK is a Korean group.” When another girl asked, “Are you close to BTS?” Fanny Bottle introduced, “Gian 84 is a BTS friend.”

In response, Gian said, “What is Jenny’s fault? He said, “You made a video call with me once,” and added, “BLACKPINK’s Jennie is my friend. “We’re on the phone together,” he said, drawing laughter by changing his attitude. Gian then said, “I know SHINee Key. Key is my close brother.”

Korean Wave fan girls are surprised by the two shots of Gian84 and Key and try to zoom in on the pictures. Gian84 said, “Jenny, and it’s Key. I am so sorry. “I will never mention BLACKPINK’s name out of my mouth again,” he apologized sincerely, giving me a laugh.

Gian84, Jenny and her fake friendship…”I won’t mention it again”

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