Girls’ Generation Yuri, Fashionable with Gucci Belt

Girls' Generation Yuri

Yuri revealed her daily life.

actress Yuri posted photos on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 27th.

The photo released together this time shows Yuri completing a look highlighted by a luxury Gucci belt in a black ultra-mini costume.

Above all, Yuri caught the attention of viewers as she showed off her slim legs even in heels.

Meanwhile, Yuri has chosen KT Studio Genie’s new drama “Good Job” as her next film.코인파워볼

“Good Job” is a work that depicts a romantic detective investigation conducted by super-chaebol detective “Eun Sun-woo” and Poor Woman “Don Ser-ra” who go back and forth between chaebol and detective life.

Yuri is also planning to make a comeback as Girls’ Generation in August.

Girls’ Generation Yuri, Fashionable with Gucci Belt

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