Give up the Asian Cup and be loyal to Rome


He ambitiously started his second big league challenge, but the early part of the season for Iranian striker Sardar Azmun is not smooth.

Azmun is an Iranian football goaltender. In the Russian league, he was recognized as the league’s best striker through Rubinkazan, Rostov, and Zenit St. Petersburg. With 45 goals in 71 A matches, his international performance was more destructive. In particular, he didn’t score many goals when he faced South Korea, but he used to make an impression. South Korea was the opponent of the 2014 A-match debut goal, and Iran won the 2016 World Cup qualifying round with only one goal from Azmun.

Azmun made his first big league challenge during the 2021-2022 season, moving to Bayer 04 Leverkusen in Germany, with disappointing results. In a year and a half, he scored only five goals and two assists in the Bundesliga. There were many days when the overall performance was criticized, as well as the number of attack points.

This summer, Azmun moved his team to Rome. Roma urgently needed to reinforce the front line as their main striker Tammy Abraham suffered a long-term injury. It was a chance for Azmun, who was looking for a new team.

But the current situation is close to the worst for Azmoun. Andrea Belotti, who had been scoreless last season among Roma’s existing strikers, scored two points in the opening game and took the starting position. In addition, star striker Romelu Lukaku was hired on loan following Azmun. Roman Chairman Dan Friedkin even performed to bring Lukaku directly from London. Expectations differ. Azmun has not been on the list so far, let alone put in.

Rome submitted a list of UEFA Europa League on the 5th (Korea Standard Time), but Azmun was missing. It wasn’t just a power issue. Roma are a team that always keeps UEFA’s financial fair play (FFP) rules close. In Rome, labor costs on the European competition registration list cannot exceed last season. There is a limit to the registration of newly recruited players. For this reason, Azmun and wingback Rasmus Christensen were forced to leave out one new Lukaku. It has even become a strange situation to include Abraham, who has been sidelined due to injury, and defender Marashi Kumbula.

The Europa League group stage often uses an active rotation system because it meets relatively weak opponents and has a long way to go. It is a valuable opportunity for a player who has been pushed back from the starting lineup. In particular, this time, Slavia Prague of the Czech Republic, Sherif of Moldova and Sherbet of Switzerland were in a group. The Czech Republic and Moldova are Eastern Europe, and it could have been an opportunity for Azmun 파워볼사이트

Azmun is known to have expressed his intention not to participate in the Asian Cup next January. However, if it is difficult to get a chance to play in Rome, it may be better to go to the national team. Azmun was excluded from Iran’s A-match list against Bulgaria and Angola this month.

Give up the Asian Cup and be loyal to Rome

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