Golden State’s return to the final stage

Golden State

Golden State, the third seed of the Western Conference, finished the conference final series against fourth seed Dallas with four wins and one loss.

In addition, he achieved his dream of returning to the final stage for the first time in three years.

Analysts say that all of the teams under head coach Steve Kerr showed the highest level of competitiveness.

In particular, Draymond Green (a concern for aging), Clay Thompson (whether he will make a comeback after returning from injury), Andrew Wiggins (a prospect of 10,000 years),
Players who needed proof, such as Jordan Poole (ball handler + scorer in his third year of the league) and Kevin Rooney (backup big man treatment), are doing their part throughout this year’s playoffs.

The reconstruction of the dynasty seems to have been done without relying on certain players. 파워볼사이트

Stephen Curry, a leading star, was also selected as the MVP of this year’s newly established conference finals and showed off his good health.

Golden State

Golden State’s return to the final stage[Today’s NBA]

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