“Good Singer” Lim Young-woong donated all the prize money to the Children’s Cancer Foundation

Lim Young-woong

Su Im-woong once again showed good influence.

The Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation announced on the 3rd that Lim Young-woong donated the entire 2 million won prize money for the King of Sunstar in December 2022 for children with childhood cancer and leukemia who are suffering from economic difficulties due to treatment costs and old bed life.

Sunstar is a donation platform service that supports the good influence of stars, and it is operated by watching videos and songs of singers who participated in the King of Songs in the app, cheering them on with missions in the app, and donating prize money according to the ranking.

The prize money delivered in Lim Young-woong’s name will be used to treat children suffering from childhood cancer, leukemia and rare incurable diseases. Surgical and hospital treatment support projects are used to support surgery and hospital treatment costs, transplantation costs, rare medicine purchase costs, and hospital aids for children up to the age of 25 who are diagnosed with childhood cancer leukemia and rare incurable diseases.

Hong Seung-yoon, director of the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, said, “We support Lim Young-woong’s future performance, who is helping him spend a warm winter by bringing warmth to all parts of society.”

Singer Lim Young-woong, who surpassed 46.6 million won in cumulative donations through Sunstar, was greatly loved by fans with his first full-length album “I Am Hero” this year, and the national tour concert “I Am Hero” held last month was also successfully completed. In addition, Lim Young-woong will hold concerts “I’m Hero in Los Angeles” for two days on February 11 and 12.

“Good Singer” Lim Young-woong donated all the prize..

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