Green in anticipation of Curry’s performance. “I expected it from the first quarter”


Green said of Curry’s performance.

The Golden State Warriors won 107-97 against the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the 2021-2022 NBA playoffs at TD Garden in Boston on the 10th. With the victory of the day, he made the series 2–2.

Stephen Curry (188cm, G) had 43 points and 10 rebounds and a success rate of 50 percent (7/14) in three-point shots. He dominated the game with an amazing shot. Forty-three points is Curry’s second highest score in the NBA Finals career.

Curry started the day by missing all three 3-pointers. Since then, he has made two consecutive 3-pointers, but missed the last one and only two of the six 3-pointers in the first quarter.

He also missed both three-pointers in the second quarter. Curry scored 19 points in the first half, but his 3-pointer success rate was only 25% (2/8).

However, Curry’s three-point shot in the second half was completely different from the first half. In the third quarter, he tried five 3-pointers and scored four. He then led the team to victory by adding 10 points in the fourth quarter.

With Curry’s performance, teammate Draymond Green opened his mouth. “Curry was tied to the opponent’s defense early in the game,” Green told his podcast. Curry spoke to a Boston fan after his first three-point shot late in the first quarter. “It’s a good sign for us to talk to our fans, but it’s not a good sign for our opponents.”

He continued, “I expected Curry’s performance from the time he talked to his opponent’s fan,” expressing his thoughts.

I’m looking forward to what Curry, who showed amazing performance in Game 4, will show in Game 5.

Green in anticipation of Curry’s performance.

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