GSW to Spend $400 Million for the First Time in NBA History


The results are clear. But maintenance costs are skyrocketing.

The Golden State Warriors are the most expensive team in the NBA. For the second consecutive year, he spent more than $350 million on the team’s annual salary and luxury tax alone.

If Andrew Wiggins, who will become a free agent (FA) next summer, Jordan Pool, who will become a limited FA, and Dramond Green, who has player options for the 2023-24, the amount of spending will increase exponentially. The U.S. sports media ESPN said, “If we renew our contracts with Wiggins, Pool, and Green, Golden State could become an unprecedented $400 million spending team in NBA history. The luxury tax alone is a whopping 161 million dollars.”

Golden State is full of star players such as Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Green. Usually, teams lower the salary cap significantly by pressing the retooling or rebuilding button when the main players get older. On the other hand, Golden State continued to invest.

Fortunately, I paid for the money. He has won the NBA Finals four times in the last seven years. He also made it to the top last season to announce his robustness.

It would not have been possible without the will of owner Joe Reicop. However, even the owner of Racob, who does not hesitate to spend money for the championship, is burdened with $400 million. “We are not earning between $400 million and $500 million,” the U.S. media outlet said in an interview with The Athletic. 400 million dollars a year? It is impossible. “We can’t pay that number unless we raise the price of tickets to the stadium by a large margin,” he said.

Even due to the rising salaries of the athletes, GSW’s powerful performance is hard to last. The owner of the Racob club has a lot of complaints. Most of the main players, including Curry, Thompson, Green, and Pool, were drafted and raised well, but why should they pay a huge luxury tax when they came all the way here?

“The current luxury tax system is unfair. Most of the players in the GSW were drafted by us ourselves. Nevertheless, the League Secretariat imposes a huge luxury tax. It is an unfair system,” he said. 코인파워볼

In response, ESPN said, “The Golden State luxury tax originated from the owner’s greed.” ESPN said, “It is true that Golden State has established the basis of its power as draft players. However, the decisive reason for the high luxury tax was when Kevin Durant in 2016 and Wiggins in 2020. “If these two deals had not been made, Golden State would not have paid luxury taxes for four of the past five seasons,” he pointed out. GSW

GSW to Spend $400 Million for the First Time in NBA History

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