Ha Ji-won appeared on “Kiss the Universe 2.”Space Travel Captain Transformation

Ha Ji-won

Actor Ha Ji-won was cast as a surprise in Season 2 of “Kiss the Universe.”

KBS said on the 6th, “Ha Ji-won will appear as a presenter for the big show ‘Kiss the Universe’ (directed by Na Won-sik and Song Woong-dal) Season 2, which is set to air on the 15th.”

“Kiss the Universe” is the first realistic space documentary in Korea, which was broadcast on KBS 1TV last year and swept the Korea Broadcasting Awards, the Korea Communications Commission Broadcasting Awards, the Korea PD Awards, and the U.S.Telly Awards, causing great repercussions at home and abroad. Season 2, which returned with an upgraded story following Season 1’s “Triple Trilogy,” plans to go on a fantastic space trip to Interstellar beyond the solar system with Ha Ji-won, a high-end actor.

Ha Ji-won, who has won two acting awards and has shown a wide range of acting from action to melodrama, is a new genre that is being challenged by so-called SF adventure documentary. In a virtual spacecraft faster than light, he goes on a phenomenal space trip toward the beginning of the universe over black holes and wormholes. Rather than acting as a simple knowledge transferor, he will become a curious captain exploring space and give off an intelligent and mysterious charm.

Ha Ji-won, who is also known as a space fan, has shown a keen affection for space, saying, “My MBTI is alien,” and “I want to have a fan meeting with my fans in space someday.” He does not miss the small details, such as showing a black hole concept hairstyle to transform himself into a perfect space captain. Ha Ji-won said, “I almost shed tears when I filmed the scene of looking at the magnificent Earth from space,” adding, “I dreamed of becoming an astronaut because I was interested in space since I was young. “I always thought I wanted to go to space, but it was an honor to board the spaceship through a good opportunity, and there are many fantastic scenes and interesting stories, so I hope you check it out through the broadcast,” he said.

Ha Ji-won appeared on “Kiss the Universe 2.”

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