Han Seung yeon, 35-year-old body class…S-line even if it’s rolled up

Han Seung yeon

Han Seung yeon is a hot topic because she boasts a perfect S-line body.

Actor Han Seungyeon, a former member of the group Kara, said on her Instagram on the 17th,

“Nicole who made me a happy dinner. Thank you for the Iki tumbles up. It was robbed, but it was fun Along with the post #Nicole #Ike #TomsUp #Kara, a number of recent photos have been released.

In the photo released, Han Seungyeon meets Nicole, who recently made a comeback, and is having a great time and taking a photo. In particular, Han Seungyeon showed off her slim S-line and caught the attention of fans.

Meanwhile, Han Seungyeon presented her first feature film “Show Me the Ghost” last year.

“Show Me the Ghost” is a comedy about my 20-year best friend Yeji and Walnut, who learned that ghosts stopped by the house, to fight ghosts against Seoul’s waterfront, which is scarier than ghosts. 안전놀이터

Han Seung yeon, 35-year-old body class…

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