Hana Nonoka

Hana Nonoka

Date of Birth: 1988-08-08
Height: 160 cm
Body size: B97 / W60 / H89
Cup Size: I Cup
Debut: Debut in April, 2010

a former Japanese AV actress

In 2010, she made her debut under the stage name “Nanairo An” and moved to Moodyz, where she made her debut under the name Hana Nonoka in April 2011.

She is one of the representative actors with a full body, and unlike her large chest and full body, she has an image of a bagel girl who looks somewhat younger.

However, there were times when skin care was not done properly in some works, and it was said that it was rather less attractive as it lost weight compared to the beginning of its debut.

In some works just before retirement, it is said that she has gained a little weight again, so she has recovered her heyday.

However, she retired from the AV industry in April 2016.

The reason for her retirement is that she was caught by her parents to be known.

Nonoka’s real name is Eri Ishikawa, who worked as a gravure idol
Her parents said they didn’t know she was an AV actress and thought she was working in the gravure idol and entertainment industry.

Then, after hearing this from an acquaintance, he called his daughter to check the details, and recommended her to retire, and it was said that retirement was decided.

Currently, if you enter her item number on AV sites such as dmm, it does not appear at all, but her father asked the production company and distribution company to delete it because he was worried about his daughter’s future, and all of them were deleted because they were taking legal action in case of non-compliance.

Her relationship with his parents is not bad, and he respects his father’s decision.

She lied in the first place that she was in the entertainment industry because she was worried about the shock her parents would receive, and when she was caught by her parents and talked about her retirement, she thought, “I should retire now.”

She feel guilty about letting her parents know and shock him. 토토사이트

Hana Nonoka 乃々果花 a former Japanese AV actress

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