Hanwha Moon Dong-joo “I want to improve my skills and appear on the next WBC.”

Moon Dong-joo

The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) was a competition that gave Korean baseball a lot of challenges. Many problems were revealed when confirming the early elimination. The most urgent problem is considered a ‘starting pitcher’. No new starting pitcher has appeared in Korean baseball, as Kim Kwang-hyun, who played at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, is still serving as the national team’s ace. In Japan, he even sarcastically said, “Are you still Kim Kwang-hyun?”

In this situation, expectations for Hanwha Moon Dong-joo (20) are growing. Moon Dong-joo, who has sprayed more than 150km of fastball since high school, is considered the “best prospect in the league.”

In an interview with the Photo World Daily at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 16th, Moon Dong-joo said, “I want to develop my skills a lot and participate in international competitions,” adding, “I will try to catch it when I have a chance to participate in the next WBC.”

Last season, Moon Dong-joo pitched only 28.2 innings. It’s not enough innings to show talent. However, Moon Dongjoo struck out 36 times and showed off her special talent. Moon Dong-joo was selected as a starting pitcher candidate for a scheduled friendly match against the Major League All-Star team and was expected to join the WBC national team, but failed to appear on this stage. Moon Dong-joo, who said he watched and cheered for the national team’s match at the WBC, said, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t join, but it’s a natural result.” “There was a lot of talk (about joining the national team), but honestly, I didn’t show anything last season,” Moon Dongjoo said. “It’s natural that I was excluded from the list.” “All the players are fighting to become the national team,” he said adding, “I want to compete hard and take the position when the next opportunity comes.”

The most important thing for Moon Dongjoo, who played below expectations due to an injury last season, is not to get hurt. Moon Dong-joo also stressed that this is the most important point ahead of this season at this spring camp. Moon Dongjoo said, “I vowed not to get hurt at the spring camp, but I’m satisfied that I can finish the camp with my goal,” adding, “I want to finish this season without getting sick.” 파워볼실시간

Moon Dong-joo is scheduled to take the mound in a warm-up match against Kiwoom in Daejeon on the 18th. Moon Dong-joo said, “I will check how far my physical condition has risen by throwing it on this day,” adding, “I want to show better performance in the new season by using the data I accumulated last season.”

Hanwha Moon Dong-joo “I want to improve my skills and appear

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