Hashimoto Kanna romantic relationship, the agency said, “Private Life.”

Hashimoto Kanna

Kanna, Japan’s “thousand-year-old,” and Daishi Nakagawa, an actor, have expressed their position on the rumor.

Local Japanese media, including Nikkan Sports and Oricon, reported on the 25th that the agencies of both Kanna and Daishi Nakagawa expressed their position that they would “leave their private lives to themselves” on their romantic relationship reports.

Earlier, the Japanese weekly newspaper, the woman herself, reported that she enjoyed dating Hashimoto Kanna in a luxury apartment. The media reported that Kanna Hashimoto visited Daishi Nakagawa’s apartment with her dog in mid-October, and later left the house alone without her dog.

The two appeared in a drama together in 2014 and recently reunited through the movie “Black Night Parade.”

Meanwhile, Kanna, who is active as an actor, became a hot topic of conversation when she was a member of the local idol group “Rev. from DVL” in Fukuoka, Japan, earning the nickname “Millennium Idol” and became a top star.

Hashimoto Kanna romantic relationship, the agency said, “Private Life.”

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