Henderson came to you as a favor? Tottenham’s chance to make a hit.

Jordan Henderson

The prospect of Jordan Henderson breaking up with Liverpool is linked to the transfer of Tottenham Hotspur.

If accomplished, he could be Tottenham’s last puzzle. 파워볼사이트

Local media such as “Liverpool Eco” said Henderson first brought up the transfer discussion to Tottenham.

It is not clear exactly what direction the discussion is in, but it has even been approved by Liverpool.

Henderson’s contract with Liverpool is two years away, but he has been frequently mentioned as a target for release.

Liverpool are lukewarm about signing a new contract with a 31-year-old veteran who has a contract left.

Henderson was pushed back to the ranks as players with similar remaining contracts were Virgil Pandike, Fabinho, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

Jamie O’Hara, a Tottenham player-turned-commentator, said on “Talk Sports,” “I want to see Henderson coming.

He is a player with everything Tottenham want. “I’m a leader, a clear character in the stadium, and a player who will give momentum to the midfield,”

he said, expressing expectations that it will be a huge help to his team.

Henderson is a player who can not only be sure of his skills but also give Tottenham a collective encouragement effect in many ways such as concentration,

game management and determination. Pierre-Emil Hoivier and Tanggui Ndombele,

the current main midfielders’ associations, are also strong, but there is a lack of other reliable midfielders.

Harry Winks is receiving love calls from Aston Villa and Musa Sissoko is also mentioned as a target of release.

Son Heung-min, who recently renewed his contract, will also feel more comfortable in soccer if Henderson joins.

Henderson has a knack for forward-throwing passes. He is a player who can act as a lubricant for fastballs centered on Son Heung-min.

Henderson, who has contributed to the Euro 2020 runner-up for England, has been renowned as a genius midfielder since his debut at the age of 18.

He moved to Liverpool in 2011 and has played for 10 years.

Although he suffered from minor and major injuries, he became famous as a box-to-box midfielder representing the English Premier League (EPL) in his 20s,

and recently led Liverpool’s golden age with clever game management. As Liverpool captain, he beat Tottenham in the 2018-2019 Champions League final.

Henderson came to you as a favor? Tottenham’s chance

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