Hini JENJINJIN’s birthday so many babies


Huhnie, “Please do it!It is considering the baby luggage from homeZ’s luggage.

MBC entertainment program “Please save you!”Homez’s leader Heo Young-kyung/hereinafter, Kim Jin-kyung/hereinafter referred to as “Holy Bang” will find spicy food.

On this day, the Busan daughter of Busan daughter, who has been married to the first move after marriage.The client is living in a honeymoon with four years old, 8 years old, 6 years old, and the youngest daughter is living in Busan for 10 years.They decided to move space to prepare space for children who have insufficient life and grow without jaw.The area hoped that there was a public transportation of about 30 to 40 minutes to 40 minutes and 40 minutes, and there were plenty of accommodated accommodation space.In addition, I hope there were kindergarten and schools for children in the early 5 billion won, and budget was possible to the early 5 billion won.

In the welfare team, dancer Heo Young-je is out.At this place, Heoney confessed that life was changed to her birth to her daughter L’s birth, and the perspective of home after her mother was changed.He said, “I learned that the child is a luxury,” he said, “I’m considering that there are many babies are now considering moving.”Here, focus on the first floor is looking at attention to the first floor of the floor.

Heo Eun-je’s best friend Park Na-rae, said, “Hini is different from ordinary people, and BAEKYU’s good at the sound.”

On the other hand, the 6th, the 6th, Busan daughter is released in 10 p.m.m. on Thursday afternoon on the 7th.

Hini JENJINJIN’s birthday so many babies

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