Hishalisson injury… It’s a heaven-sent opportunity for Tottenham’s “Little superstar.”


Tottenham Hotspur striker Brian Hill (21) finally has a chance.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte said on the 18th (Korea Standard Time) that Hill may start in the upcoming match against Manchester United. Tottenham will face Manchester United on the 20th. At present, two strikers, Dejan Koulousevsky and Hishalisson, have been injured. However, Tottenham are expected to maintain the 3-4-3 formation.

Conte said of the new three-top, “Lucas Moura, Hill is likely. Ivan Peri치도i 공격수 can play in the three-top like a striker, he said. “The team is conducting another training session to make the best decision.” “We like to play in a 3-4-3 formation with three strikers,” he said.

The striker’s injury in a row is bad news for Tottenham, but it is an opportunity given by heaven to Spanish prospect Hill. In the meantime, he had a hard time because he was behind in the main competition. He did not play one game in the league this season, and played in two European Champions League games, but had only 16 minutes to play. He is having a hard time because he remained in the team after many twists and turns at a time when he is likely to transfer to Valencia (Spain) on loan last summer. At that time, he was reportedly left in Tottenham due to opposition from coach Conte.

Things have changed. In the future, if Hill proves that he can become a new partner for Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, his playing time is expected to increase. The media also said, “He hasn’t played in the league yet, but he’s starting to give Conte room to think.”

He is a player with skills and talent. Hill, who has previously been noted as a top prospect, wore a Tottenham uniform last year. Legendary Graham Roberts has been recognized for his growth potential to the point where he refers to him as a “little superstar.” In the match against Frankfurt (Germany) on the 13th, he made a brilliant move even in a short time.

However, as a young player, he needs more playing time for growth. If you get a chance against Manchester United, it seems important not to miss it.

Hishalisson injury… It’s a heaven-sent opportunity…

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