Hitomi Inoue 井上瞳

Hitomi Inoue

Another name: #Mariko Iida(飯田真理子)
Date of birth: 1992-11-30 (30 years old)
Height: 156cm.
Body size: B88 / W58 / H88
Cup size: I cup.
Debut: Debut in April 2014.

Big Glamour Specialized in TITFUCK. (Promotion period 2014-2015)

All promotions.

A short I-cup glamer with a cute smiling face.

She made his AV debut in April 2014 (debut work WHX-007).

Hitomi Inoue worked as a nursery before his AV debut, and the number of experienced people was two.

She said she didn’t have time to make a boyfriend because she was busy with his work.

At the time of his debut, she was known as 88cm of the F Cup, but since then, his chest has grown and his profile has changed to 95cm of the I Cup.

She filmed works such as BOBB-254 (Geoyu & Sweat & Geogeun), MADM-030 (Crystal Video Employee), and JUX-502 (Teacher Yoon Gan-mul), and showed a lot of pies scenes.

In the SOD female employee (SDMU-150) series, the name Mariko.

She suddenly retired in January 2015, and his career period was only 9 months, but she left about 120 works.

There is no interview left.파워볼사이트

There is a rumor that she retired because his acquaintance caught him doing AV activities and worked in customs after retirement, but it is only an unverified background rumor.

Currently, all works have been deleted.

Hitomi Inoue 井上瞳 Big Glamour Specialized in TITFUCK.

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