Honda criticizes Japanese media for its blind faith in Holland


Former Japanese national soccer team Keisuke Honda (36) criticized the blind faith of Japanese media Elling Holland (22, Manchester City).

Holland, who has been playing for Manchester City since this season, has been creating a syndrome every day. He came to the English Premier League after playing in the German Bundesliga last season, but it is a tremendous performance that does not require “adaptation.”

Holland has scored 17 goals in 11 matches so far. It has 14 league goals and 3 Champions League goals. In particular, he recorded only hat tricks three times, even though it was still early in the season.

There are also no ups and downs. He made two appearances in the Champions League and scored goals. He didn’t score just one game in the league. In all other games, he scored goals.

It is highly praised not only in England but also abroad. In particular, the Japanese media is drawing keen attention. Due to the nature of Japan, which has a great illusion of an ace regardless of the striker, especially in any event, Holland is very interested and has been receiving tremendous praise.

There was a person who didn’t like this trend. Honda, a former member of the Japanese national soccer team and usually draws attention for his straightforward words and actions.

Honda said on his SNS on the 4th, “It is certain that Holland is a great player,” adding, “The media’s evaluation method is not good.” “I’m a fool. I’m speechless,” he said, complaining about the media’s approach to Holland.

The expression “fool” is a well-known expression in Korea. Due to the nature of Japan, where cursing is not developed, “fool” is sometimes taken as a joke, but depending on the situation, it is an expression that listeners find quite unpleasant.

Honda expressed this strongly because the media focuses only on Holland. The reason why Holland’s performance is bound to come out, that is, it excludes the help of the players around him and the strong team squad. 코인파워볼

Honda said, “We have to pay attention to how great Manchester City is now. They include how great Pep Guardiola is and how much money the owner is spending. “It is possible because this is all connected as one,” he said, citing coach Guardiola’s leadership and the club’s full support as reasons for Holland’s performance.

Honda criticizes Japanese media for its blind faith in Holland

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