Honda’s First Electric Vehicle Runs on LG Ensol Battery

LG Ensol Battery

LG Energy Solution batteries are expected to be installed in Honda’s first pure electric vehicle ‘Prolog’.

According to related industries on the 19th, Honda recently released a teaser image of its electric vehicle “Prolog,” which is scheduled to be released in 2024.

Prologue is a model name that means starting the era of pure electric vehicles.

It is noteworthy that Honda Prologue is based on the Ultium platform jointly developed by GM and LG Energy Solution.

The Ultium platform provides large pouch-type batteries, wireless battery management systems, motors and heat pump technologies.

Honda will work with GM to jointly develop electric vehicles for global markets.

As a result, the Honda prologue will have an LG Energy Solution battery.

It is heard that LG Energy Solution batteries will be installed not only in Prologue but also in Honda’s new electric vehicle Acura EV.

It is heard that LG Energy Solution is also discussing a plan to establish a joint venture with Honda to build a battery plant for electric vehicles up to 40 gigawatt hours (GWh) in the U.S.

This is a scale that can produce 600,000 high-performance pure electric vehicles per year. LG Ensol Battery

According to energy market research firm SNE Research, short-term supply shortage of batteries in the U.S. could occur as demand for batteries soared due to policies to revitalize electric vehicles in the U.S. SNE Research predicted on the 19th that demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles in the U.S. next year will be 181 gigawatt hours (GWh), while supply will not be able to keep up with demand at 143 GWh.

Honda’s First Electric Vehicle Runs on LG Ensol Battery

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